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Mankato VCF Examples

Sequence 1: MankatoSeq1.mp3 (965 KB)
Description coming soon.

Sequence 2: MankatoSeq2.mp3 (965 KB)
Description coming soon.

Filter modulation: MankatoFM.mp3 (958 KB)
Description coming soon.

6dB filter output: Mankato6dB.mp3 (3.65 MB large)
This is absolutely sick, is a good way! Tim describes what led to this surprising, wonderfully squelchy sound:
I fed an ARP Odyssey into Mankato 1; that's the low drone you hear at the very beginning. For CVs I had a standard LFO modulating Mankato 2 -- set to oscillate -- and the output of the prototype modulating Mankato 1. Various settings of the LFO, Mankato 2 (acting as a VC-LFO), and Mankato 1 (acting as a VCF) yielded all sorts of craziness. Very little tweaking was done on the Ody. I didn't really need to! ;-) There are a few spots where it sounds like there's a splatty "distortion" -- this is actually the VCLFO driving up into the audio range. Tip: Listen to it on a system with good bass response. The difference is pronounced. Crank that subwoofer and you'll get some serious rumbleys!

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